Strategic Revenue Designs

Minimize the Costly, Time-Consuming Claims Denials and Underpayments from Medicare and Commercial Insurance.

Recover 7-10% of Annual Revenue in 90 Days with Proven, AI-Powered Medical Billing Software.

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Key Benefits

Recover Underpayments

We identify savings and untapped revenue from underpaid claims.

Minimize Claims Denials

We resolve and resubmit current denials swiftly and conduct ongoing claims management to ensure accurate and timely payment moving forward.

Full Revenue Cycle Management

We manage all aspects of your revenue cycle including billing, contracting negotiations, and accounts receivable posting. 

How It Works

Step 1: Data Analysis

Our software analyzes 12-24 months of claims data to learn payor behavior and denial patterns, and we use this information to identify all claims underpayments. 

Step 2: Hands-Off Underpayment Recovery

We handle all aspects of claims underpayment recovery, including arbitration, resubmissions, and A/R posting. We will recover all underpayment savings within 90 days. 

Step 3: Ongoing Claims Management

Optionally, we can continue to monitor, report, and proactively manage your claims submissions in order to minimize future denials and underpayments. 

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